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World In Conflict CD Key
This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 27 October, 2007.
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$ 24.95
World in Conflict WIC or a strategy game in real time from the computer game company Massive Entertainment Video Swedish developed and published by Ubisoft (formerly Sierra Entertainment) for Microsoft Windows. The game was released in September 2007. [3] An expansion pack was released in March 2009 under the name Global Conflict: Soviet Assault [4] [5], but the console version of Activision to produce and had fallen, instead is just an extension of the adoption of PC. The game takes place in 1989 during the social, economic and political collapse of the Soviet Union. However, assume the title of an alternative scenario in which the history of the Soviet Union followed a path of war to remain in power. [World in Conflict offers do not obtain a building or resource base. Instead, the player a predetermined amount to pay to buy units in the building game. If a player buys a unit, payments will be deducted points by the side of the table and points falling on the ground, with the expectation of 20 seconds for unit to arrive. When a unit is destroyed, the points used to buy late for the players: Filter aid can be called back into battle. Tactical gameplay lacking base and unit building is similar to real-time tactical (RTT) games, some of which are intermittent reinforcement. Another example of the kind of control over the ground] by Massive Entertainment [7, sometimes referred to as the spiritual predecessor of global conflict. In reality, the creators of the game is an RTT [5], although the game is usually marketed as a transit point. World in Conflict contains three groups: the United States, Soviet Union and NATO, playing in all multiplayer games. However, only the United States and NATO, the teams are in the single player campaign. It is pitted against the Soviet Union throughout its history and online games. The player can choose one of four roles in battle: infantry, air support or armor. The role of infantry providing access to various infantry units, such as anti-tank teams, snipers and light vehicles as weapons, players can use different types of tanks, the unit directly against the dominant land fire in the game. Players can choose to air role have access to anti-armor, air superiority and Scout helicopters. Finally, the role of supporting anti-aircraft artillery units, and repair. Each role-based units can be purchased by anyone, but is more expensive for players with a different role. In addition, any other function of units which are not available for the purchase of other roles. The game relies heavily on team play, for example, a single pool game is easily beaten by a player in the air while the air-player will not be effective if the armor players who are friendly to eliminate the enemy air defense . This highly addictive game of critical group of players, because inexperienced players who have not paid can play any team losing a match. The most prominent form of this aid are the players with heavy artillery instead of anti-air units and repair weapons, player suspended enemy helicopters. The growing importance of artillery weapons and weaken the power of the artillery attack on slicks deal with the topic. Most units have offensive and defensive skills to recharge after use. For example, the standard infantry grenade launcher, the offensive and defensive maneuvers attacks are capable race. World in Conflict uses a tactical aid system similar to Command & Conquer: Generals. Tactical aids allow the player to perform specific tasks, like calling in air strikes carried out, the deployment of paratroopers carpet bombing to start. The single player campaign, thanks to the inspiration from Call of Duty and Medal of Honor (see influences below), puts the player in role of Lieutenant Parker, an American officer in charge of a company. His face is never shown throughout the campaign. Meanwhile, the AI handles the rest of the action on the battlefield, even though much of the action is still concentrated on the player. This contrasts with the approach in strategy game in real time with others (RTS) title, in which the player is on the whole army, responsible for most of the action on the battlefield. The player can see the action at various locations in the United States, Europe and Russia. The campaign mode is different from the skirmish and multiplayer, limiting the units can be used. The campaign is the Alec Baldwin, said by all. multiplayer games can support up to sixteen players via LAN or the Internet to play. Three types of cards presented objects: Domination maps, where players control points must be in command of the game, the cards are attacks, where one team defends a number of points to win the order, other attacks group and the tug War maps which teams must fight in a series of collection points in front of the controls as the line moves to a new set of points closer to losing team. One side or the other cheek, as the United States or NATO, the other when the Soviet Union. Neither party has an advantage. If players start playing a game, they choose to play one of four roles. The four roles are infantry, armor, air support. The role of ground infantry forces of the regular orders, the role of armor is mainly different types of tanks, and the role of monitoring the air in various types of helicopters. The supporting role is the width of the filler repair other units such as artillery, air defense units and units. Although it is possible to combine the roles, points to a role other than their own are weaker and more expensive. All these roles have their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, if introduced into the cover (such as buildings or trees), the infantry unit can remain hidden until they are threatened by enemies or creating decent ambush points, but they are very vulnerable to fire when in the open countryside. Armor is good for assault, possession, and command points of defense. The role of armor is also very effective to involve a large number of enemies, but it is easy to trap and very weak against air units. Helicopters move very fast and can ignore all the obstacles of the ground, such as buildings or trees, and is strong against all ground units. However, only two anti-aircraft (AA) units, enough to destroy a squadron of helicopters in a few seconds. Helicopters can not get the checkpoints. The role provides support services have no other role, as the artillery fire at long range, repair of vehicles and anti-air units, but is useless in close combat. Another aspect of the game regular assistance (TA). How do things like control points to capture, destroy plants or to strengthen your team conquer territories, you get points for technical assistance. This tactic places aid to support long-range heavy fire, additional units are issued or radar, hidden or not see the visible units. Based on what your TA, you can fire support, such as air strikes, napalm, chemical bombs, bombs, carpet, and give even nuclear weapons. You can also declined additional units in the right areas, they are most needed. Some units in the game is almost regular points of aid. Each player starts the game with 4,000 points to win, will go to gain their first points. This number will increase over time, and play well to grow faster. After a short time, you should be able to use several points, perhaps, while the other units waiting for repairs. Meanwhile, you can configure your points to destroy the enemy. Some have asked that each step played on all maps, dozens of small points of control cycles. Each point of a two to four of these circles, and the point is covered if you or your allies units each. You can then build on these by leaving them in single units, which will build a powerful anti-infantry first with an anti-tank fortress, and finally, legislation to combat air pollution. These can be destroyed and rebuilt into an infinite time, which is a point of order, especially those of central hands will change the course of the game Although not absolutely necessary to win, capture control points are many rewards. The fortifications are still useful because the enemy think twice before they collide with the past positions. Moreover, most command points in strategic locations such as boot hills good for artillery, or in heavily urban areas with plenty of cover for infantry. In addition, having control points define the game and two TA-points and increase your profits. Most of the strategy game based on teamwork. You need to use different roles and to balance the strengths and weaknesses. For example, the detection of order would go: infantry moves in the forests around the checkpoint, and concentrate all fire on units of AA to defend the area. Once you have left, support for mobile air and to take any solid ground units, infantry and fall to ensure that no napalm and chemical gases. Simultaneously, the artillery will now see the enemy positions and artillery fire continued to be opened and the movement for defending AA units against air attack inevitable disadvantages, and get the units repaired ready for the connection between the allies for attack in waves. Once the area is clear, and the armor will use the checkpoints to defend AA and infantry (the cap) to the left. Air is about to go on the sides and hit the enemy back, all the time some of the TA for all positions remain fragmented and disorganized. The game ends when one side is completely dominant over the other, or 20 minutes, in this case which side to win the time declared the winner. A bar at the top of the screen indicates the status of both armies displayed. After the game is over, the score will be displayed to show who was the best and the worst was that specific details such as the player has achieved in each role, and is THE best director. These are the server Massgate reported to affect your ranking in the race The game host can add bots to play on the server. The AI is very competent, with different techniques for different styles and using different strengths, some weaknesses. Bots respond well and quickly adapt to changing situations on the battlefield, and is] very well with the regular support effective [Edit. Bots try the following commands in response to the display of the player. The online element of the game using in-game Massgate Ground Control [Edit Points needed]. This system helps players keep track of their friends so that they can, to see if they are online or playing a team game can be created and kept track of the game, with features such as classes and clan matches. Massgate includes ratings and a ranking system based on the USS Army military honors. Players can improve their ranking and the ranking position in a manner similar to Battlefield 2, the accumulation of profits and points, medals and plaques. In the higher grades is becoming increasingly difficult. The scoring continued classification of the clan.

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World In Conflict CD Key

Seller Reminding:
  • World In Conflict CD Key is included.
  • We will deliver your cd key through Email within 24 hours.
  • No tax; No V.A.T; No physical shipping.
Platform: Windows XP/Vista
Game Information
  • ESRB Rating:Mature
  • Media: Cd key
Product Features
  • Unleash the arsenals of the great military superpowers in the gripping single-player story created by best-selling author and Cold War authority, Larry Bond.
  • The latest version of Massive's proprietary engine allows for a full 360 range of camera control, allowing you to get right down into the midst of battle.
  • Destroy every object in the game - crush cars, destroy buildings, burn forests!
  • Join on-going games and immediately help your team take control of the map.
  • Master four different battlefield roles; Air, Armor, Infantry and Support, in the ultimate online teamplay experience.
Product Description
World in Conflict is the action strategy game where players defend their country, their hometown, and their families in the face of Soviet-led World War III, delivering an epic struggle of courage and retribution. You are a field commander leading the era's most powerful military machines in the heroic effort to turn back the invasion…one city and suburb at a time. This war isn’t on television. It’s on our soil and in our backyards.

Game Images:

World In Confict

World In Confict
Warranty: Exchange it freely within 90 days when meeting with fault
Payment: Paypal/Moneybookers/Western Union
Language Version: English
Package Manner:Cd key
Delivery Manner: by Email or Fax

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