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Total War Shogun 2 Product Key 
This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 27 April, 2011.
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$ 39.99
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Total War Shogun 2 Product Key

Are you looking for Total War Shogun 2 Product Key? Lost yours, or just never had one? Well if you're looking for Total War Shogun 2 Product Key I suggest checking out some of our links, they just might lead you in the right direction.

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Buy Total War: Shogun 2 CD Key (Total War Shogun 2 Product Key)


Total War:Shogun two is scheduled to be released in 4 various editions. The "Standard Edition" includes just the game, even though the "Limited Edition" additionally consists of a exclusive playable faction (the Hattori Clan), an additional historical battle scenario 'Nagashino', a complete set of armour for the player's on-line avatar as well as a starting bank of experience points to spend on that online character. If you want to play Total War: Shogun 2, you must be buy Total War: Shogun 2 CD Key in our store.The "Collector's Edition" will include the Restricted Edition material also as a replica bamboo box containing a Shogun two art book along with a detailed figurine of Takeda Shingen. The "Grand Master's edition" consists from the Collector's edition, also as a bamboo Shogun 2 themed chess set, at present exclusive to choose shops within the UK and Australia.

Players who pre-ordered at GameStop (on the internet or in-store) will unlock and take part in the Historic Battle of Kawagoe. Set in 1545, the Battle of Kawagoe saw the H?j? clan launch a productive night time counter attack against the besieging Uesugi, eschewing heavy armour along with the collection of heads in favour of speed and stealth.

Those who pre-ordered at Finest Purchase (on-line or in-store only) will unlock 1,000 Koku, the currency used in Total War: Shogun two. Player? campaigns will start with 1,000 Koku, permitting them to buy new buildings, train new units and upgrade their towns.

As a special pre-order bonus, Steam announced the 'Shogun Pack' for Team Fortress 2. This was given to players who bought Total War: Shogun 2 prior to its release date. The pack consists of eight feudal Japan-themed items, including a sashimono, katana, kunai, and gunbai. It must be noted that these items don't have an effect on Shogun 2 in any way and can only be used in Team Fortress 2.

Steam also released the Total War Collection on the 10th of March. This consisted of Empire: Total War, Medieval II: Total War, Rome: Total War, and Napoleon: Total War. It also included Total War: Shogun 2 which might be preloaded on the 14th of March.

  • Choose from 9 different clans and compete on and offline for the undisputed supremacy of Medieval Japan. Gain experience to level up your own character-warlord as well as your generals and agents.
  • Play through the Main Campaign in single player or invite a friend online to play competitively or cooperatively in Campaign Multiplayer mode.
  • Developed according to Sun Tzu's principles in the Art of War, the Artificial Intelligence constantly analyzes its situation and reacts to your every move with greater precision and variety.
  • A streamlined User Interface makes management of your kingdom much easier. Build and govern cities, recruit and train troops, conduct diplomacy and manage your agents - each feature is now introduced with comprehensive tutorials

Game Images:

total war shogun 2 limited edition game

total war shogun 2 limited edition pc
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Total War Shogun 2 Product Key comments

About a decade ago Shogun: Total War was the masterpiece that launched one of the best Strategy simulation franchises in gaming history. It was a perfectly balanced game that combined turn-based strategic decisions with real time battles in a beautiful interface made in the style of medieval Japanese artworks.

The game was based on the teachings of Sun Tzu, the Chinese strategist, who believed in the indirect approach: search for comparative advantages, use your forces with economy, surprise and deceive, and only fight limited wars. The medieval Japanese setting (relatively small armies made up from a limited number of distinct units fighting on different terrains), served as the perfect substrate to implement these strategies.

I have played every single Total War game since and they were all a joy to experience - yet nothing surpassed to the first Shogun. Until now.

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